March - April 2005

Thanks for Visiting my Website " Love you and Happy Easter 2005!!!".

Hey, this is me, James Ray Adams Jr. reading my Book, I like to read colorful books.

This is me with Cousin Sydney and Auntie Jojuana, they came to see me.

I am getting some rest here, I have been all over the place today.

Bet you can't figure out what I am thinking.... Go ahead... Come on you can do it...

Yep, I am brushing my teeth now.

First it was the pain and now its time for the glory. See I can get the sides and everything. I am working this bush baby.

You figure out what I am thinking yet. You better hurry this is the last picture. James Ray Jr. Out...

Do I look cool or what? What?

Daddy asked me to bring his cup to him. I am trying to act like I don't know what he is saying.

A whoopin, I don't think so...

Now I bet you are wondering what I am doing. Scroll down to next picture and you will see.

Yep, I am figuring out all of Mommy and Daddy's hiding places for stuff I don't suppose to find.

Now you can look at me here and see I really need a playmate. Any takers?

Dad, I just said cheese. I am trying to watch TV here...