Current Pics 2008

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I bet you don't know what I am about to do?

Toda!!!! Told ya.

This is my and my cousins. They were flower girls and I was the ring boy.

I I can get use to this.

Okay, daddy said check out the lady in the back of us. That's Tonsa...

This is me and my very special cousins.

This is Me, I had to take the coat off it was getting hot.

You all know my mom and dad right? We were at the reception after the wedding. I know the order is a little off, but you get the picture.

This is me and Uncle Jerry. He wanted everyone to know that they better not mess with me.

This is me just chilling waiting for the wedding to start.

This is me with the rest of the groomsmen and ushers from Jerry and Erin's wedding party.

This me and my cool cousin Kia. Her momma name is Dawn.

This is Jerry Jr. he is in love with Erin. That's why they got married.

This is me, JoJo, Jerry Jr. and Monica.

Congrats to the 2008 Braves, Great Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my school.

This is my teacher Ms. Howard, I really like her she is nice.

What in the world is she doing with that thing?

Well anyway, It's school time and I am a Kindergardener. Got to get my work done.

This is me getting ready to go to school on the School Bus. Along with my Neighborhood friends.

This is me before football practice at Lithonia Park..

Yes, I can throw....

But I am best when I tackle. Season Starts September 6, 2008.

Like dad said, he know what my next sport is going to be. Basketball baby...

Me and Uncle Tyrone. He is doing well.

Uncle Tyrone's birthday was August 16, 2008. He is now 38yrs old. That's alot of numbers...

I want a piece, Uncle Tyrone...