Special Moments Captured from The Year of 2004

James Ray Adams Jr.
You have entered the Photo Website of James Ray Adams Jr., my parents are Mr. and Mrs. James Ray Adams Sr..

Details about me:
  • I was born August 2, 2003 at 20:59 PM and weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces.
  • I was born in NorthSide Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

November - December 2004 Completed 16 months of growth and saw my 2nd Christmas.
September - October 2004 Growing fast, Got more teeth, See my new swing.
Month of August 2004 I am a 1yr Old, able to walk now, and can say "Uh-oh".
Month of July See pictures from 2004 Adams family Reunion.
Month of June No teeth yet but I am still growing...
Month of May I am crawling, clapping my hands, pulling up, but no teeth yet...
Month of April I am starting to crawl on the bed, daddy said I have to graduate to the floor.
Month of March I am getting much love and growing fast.
Month of February Daddy is so happy because I can say "Da,da,da,da"!!
Month of January I am almost 6 months old...
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